Fruit on display at a fresh produce store in Vancouver. A Guide to a Just Circular Economy of Food in Vancouver.

A Guide to a Just Circular Economy of Food in Vancouver

Fifty-eight percent of all food produced in Canada is lost or wasted each year

而且, one in eight Canadian households experience food insecurity – they don’t have consistent access to affordable, 有营养的, culturally appropriate food. 然而, 在加拿大,为饥饿家庭提供食物的主要解决方案是依靠杂货店和消费者将不需要或无法出售的食物捐赠给食品银行等慈善组织.

This is not a sustainable solution for many reasons. 为一个, it depends on the production of excess and the generation of “waste,” which is inherently inefficient treatment of a precious resource. It also does not preserve the dignity or choice of people accessing the food. 它不尊重食品系统中人们的劳动,这些人此前辛苦生产的食物后来被贴上了过剩或“浪费”的标签.

What is a just circular economy of food, anyway?

It’s a simple concept. In a just circular economy of food, waste doesn’t exist and every person has access to healthy, 有营养的食物. 但说起来容易做起来难——为了建立一个循环经济的食品系统, we must first understand the existing landscape, identify gaps and opportunities, and build an action plan.

在很大程度上, 以往解决粮食浪费和粮食不安全问题的努力通常侧重于零售和消费者行为. 然而, 把重点放在食品供应链的一端,就把减少食物浪费的所有责任都交给了私营企业, 非营利组织, 慈善机构在缓解系统性问题的根源方面能力有限,让我们面对现实吧.

的支持下 神达, Economic Transformation Lab, Vancouver Economic Commission (澳门正规最大游戏平台) collaborated with Simon Fraser University’s 食物系统实验室 以在澳门正规最大游戏平台实现食品的公平循环经济为长期目标进行这项研究. The resulting report, “在澳门正规最大游戏平台,解决食物浪费和实现公平循环经济的食物权框架, 不列颠哥伦比亚省“通过将“食物权”原则作为评估解决方案的框架,使自己有别于现有的研究. For more on this framework, 这本手册 联合国粮食及农业组织提供了澳门正规最大游戏平台1948年通过的承认食物权的《澳门正规游戏平台》的进一步资料.

在这项研究中, researchers interviewed participants with expertise across the local food system, and reviewed literature to build a 变化的理论 for Vancouver’s food system.

A 变化的理论 是一个彻底的, 说明一个预期结果(在本例中是食品的循环经济)如何以及为什么会在特定环境下发生的说明性模型.

下图显示了这项研究的成果之一:描述关键问题的变化理论, 政策框架, 支持条件, 干预措施, 结果, and long-term vision required for a just circular economy of food.

Figure 2: A Theory of Change for achieving a just circular economy of food
This diagram shows a 变化的理论 that describes the key problems, 政策框架, 支持条件, 干预措施, 结果, and long-term vision required for a just circular economy of food.

How do we take action towards a circular economy of food?

To introduce a just circular economy of food, 我们首先需要探索粮食系统代理机构面临的交叉挑战,并优先考虑解决粮食浪费与粮食不安全之间不可分割的澳门正规最大游戏平台的干预措施.


  1. Robust local food supply chains
  2. Strong relationships built on reciprocity
  3. Healthy ecosystems and regenerative foodscapes

促进公正的循环食品经济的行动应与维护尊严的“食物权”原则相一致, agency and choice of consumers. Actions should also align with, or – even better – be integrated into policies for reducing food waste, increasing food security, increasing climate resilience, and fulfilling municipal and regional planning. 本研究最相关的区域政策和战略包括 205年气候0, 2040年“零浪费”, Vancouver Food Strategy, 澳门正规最大游戏平台的计划. The following actions were synthesized from review of these policies, interviews with food system agents, and insights from the project advisory group.

为个人的粮食循环经济努力提供持续和持续的支持,利用他们的力量产生更大的影响. Support that takes the form of funding, 基础设施, 许可证和政策对于利用粮食系统参与者的努力将特别有价值, 和其他演员.

在公正的食品循环经济中,对关键活动采取透明的问责制. Transparency and accountability to the food system should be adopted in local and social procurement practices; food waste measurement and reporting; and food security measurement and reporting.

倡导以“食物权”原则为基础的公正的食品循环经济. This means advocating for provincial and federal legislation that supports:

  • The rights and labour of agricultural workers;
  • A universal living wage
  • Food safety policies that facilitate circular practices; and
  • Implementation of the Right to Food, 履行为《澳门正规最大游戏平台》制定行动计划的承诺(UNDRIP).

What does building a just circular economy of food look like in practice?


  1. 采取明确的法规和报告,以区分不同种类的粮食过剩的预防浪费等级制度为基础, 损失, 和浪费(FSLW), and prioritizes closing loops leading to FSLW
  2. 为食品和其他类别的地方和社会采购制定具体目标
  3. Secure space to grow, preserve, and harvest Indigenous plant foods and medicines
  4. 评估未来土地开发对本地食品供应链的影响, 确保人们能够获得负担得起的食品生产和加工空间
  5. 缩短非有机和有机包装材料的供应链以实现闭环
  6. 改善非营利组织和社会企业获得资金的渠道,使服务适应社区需要并实施循环经济做法
  7. Invest in 基础设施 for cooling, 存储, 处理, and distribution that can be accessible to NGOs and local farms
  8. 加强现有, and advocate for new, 社区支持的农业项目和土地合作社缩短了从农场到消费者的分销链
  9. Advocate and educate to explore non-commodity values of food, 增强公民的权能,建设社会基础设施,以支持减贫和提高对食物浪费的认识

Onward to a future of sustainability and food security

最终, this work envisions a circular economy of food that reduces resource extraction, keeps materials at their best and highest use, and upholds equity and justice. With an established framework and tangible action underway, 澳门正规最大游戏平台可以采取重要的初步步骤,实现粮食循环经济,同时解决两个系统性挑战:粮食浪费和粮食不安全.

Figure 2: Progressive food waste prevention hierarchy diagram.
This diagram is adapted from Teigiserova et al., 2020,第5页.

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