未来证明澳门正规最大游戏平台气候对话vs. 气候行动事件与黄色和蓝色的经济转型实验室标志

面向未来的澳门正规最大游戏平台:气候谈判vs. 气候行动

  • 2021年11月17日,星期三,中午12:00 - 1:30
  • 类别: 弹性


就在不列颠哥伦比亚省, 我们在破纪录的高温穹顶中感受到了, 蹂躏的鲑鱼, 以及近年来破坏性越来越大的野火季节. 随着COP26的临近, the question at hand is simple: what are we doing here in Vancouver to safeguard our planet, 不仅仅是为了我们自己, 但是为了子孙后代?

The 澳门正规最大游戏平台经济委员会 (澳门正规最大游戏平台) and SFU Beedie School of Business warmly invite you to join our representatives – 澳门正规最大游戏平台 经理 of Economic Transformation George 本森 and Andreanne Doyon of the Resource and Environmental Planning Program at SFU – along with 阿尔曼Mottaghi from Properate, 绿线科技的大卫·奥利弗, 以及来自加拿大绿色建筑委员会的Akua宝贝.

这将是 混合的事件,以 现场的观众 和一个 online webinar broadcast.

在一个活跃的, 与我们的小组成员主持讨论, 我们邀请现场观众参与提问&澳门正规游戏平台如何才能最好地应对气候变化的未来澳门正规最大游戏平台.



Andreanne Doyon 助理教授,  西蒙弗雷泽大学 | Future Proof Vancouver Panelist

Andreanne Doyon


Akua宝贝副总裁,市场参与和宣传,CaGBC. 未来证明澳门正规最大游戏平台小组成员.



大卫奥利弗首席执行官 & 联合创始人,  Greenlines技术  and panelist of the future proof Vancouver event






乔治P. R. 本森






  • 中午12点,|欢迎
  • 下午12:05 |开场白和介绍
  • 下午12:20 |主持讨论和观众提问&A
  • 下午1:15 |事件关闭


这将是 混合的事件,以 现场的观众 和一个 在线播放. 您可以在报名时选择自己喜欢的参与方式.

  • 在线: A Zoom Webinar link will be sent to online registrants closer to the event date.
  • 现场: 现场活动将遵循公共卫生指南. 所有 live audience attendees will be required to wear a mask and hold a valid vaccine passport to attend this event.

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This edition of Future-proofing Vancouver is brought to you by the 澳门正规最大游戏平台经济委员会's Economic Transformation Lab and SFU Beedie School of Business with Mitacs.




Andreanne Doyon


Dr. Andreanne Doyon是一名注册专业规划师, 加拿大规划师协会会员, and the Director of the Resource and Environmental Planning Program at 西蒙弗雷泽大学. Her current research focuses on urban governance and planning for resilient and climate-just cities, 自然的解决方案, 可持续的住房, 以及可持续发展转型中的正义问题. Andréanne has worked with municipalities – including Vancouver and Melbourne – on research projects investigating equitable climate action and planning for climate adaption. She has been extensively featured in print and broadcast media for her expertise on planning for climate change and unprecedented heat waves. She holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne 和一个 MA (Planning) from the University of British Columbia.



Akua宝贝 is an executive leader with a successful track record of working with industry and government leaders to advance sustainability and the transition to a low carbon economy. She has championed research and programming demonstrating how energy benchmarking, the retrofit economy and zero carbon buildings can play a role in the decarbonization of Canada. Over the course of her career she has honed a deep understanding of tools to drive change including the use of 可持续发展的 financing initiates, 人力资源能力建设, carbon pricing and building codes to accelerate industry uptake of low carbon new construction and retrofits. She is also an experienced fundraiser who has secured more than $30 million to support non-profits’ efforts to advance sustainability.



阿尔曼Mottaghi是Properate的首席执行官, a local social-purpose firm on a mission to facilitate high-performance low-rise residential (Part 9) construction and renovation. Properate helps Canadians make a quick estimate of their home performance and find the best energy upgrades. Arman was named the 2021 Emerging Green Leader of Canada by CaGBC and entered the BCBusiness 30 Under 30 list in 2020. Arman is also a board director of the BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA). With 17 years of achievements and four volunteer-led chapters across the province, BCSEA一直是规划BC更可持续发展未来的关键参与者.


首席执行官 & 绿线科技的联合创始人

大卫奥利弗 is a recognized expert in carbon markets and human-based decarbonization solutions. David is the mind behind the groundbreaking Mobility and E-commerce Carbon Engines, 非盈利组织CarbonSense的董事, recently authored the first report on Carbon Markets in British Columbia commissioned by the 澳门正规最大游戏平台经济委员会, and has participated as carbon monetization expert in UBC’s 2020 Forestry Summit. David regularly provides strategic advice to public and private organizations looking to further reduce their Scope 1, 2, 3种创新方式的排放, 在产生财政激励的同时.

主持人:乔治Patrick Richard 本森

经理,经济转型 (Decarbonization and the Just Transition) of 澳门正规最大游戏平台经济委员会

经过培训的城市规划师, 乔治利用他的经商经验, 城市决策, and sustainability to work with local and global businesses to deliver on Vancouver’s ambitions to create a more affordable, 可持续发展的, 健康的, 以及澳门正规最大游戏平台富有弹性的经济. George is a recognized young leader in climate action and community leadership in Vancouver and around the world, previously serving as the Global Climate Lead for North in the Global Shapers Community, and has been involved in the national leadership of the Canadian and American urban planning associations. He currently acts as a member of the Global Commission on BiodiverCities by 2030 through the World Economic Forum and in 2017 was awarded the City of Vancouver’s Award of Excellence for the work he has done to help people who have been displaced or migrated because of climate change.